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The award-winning MyPlate app is the fastest way to lose weight and improve your overall health! Join the millions who have lost weight with MyPlate — the most user-friendly app to track your food and log your workouts on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android.

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Counting Calories

Tracking calories is the foundation of every successful diet. Why? Because weight loss occurs when you create a calorie deficit. MyPlate Calorie Counter empowers you and gives you the knowledge you need to take control over your diet and reach your fitness goals.

We use the world’s largest food database and provide you with calorie count, nutritional information and serving sizes for millions of foods. Use the barcode scanner to quickly scan items or create your own custom foods.

Not sure what to eat? MyPlate can suggest simple, healthy foods based on your dietary preferences and daily calorie goal. Or you can use our free meal plans, designed by our registered dietitians to balance macronutrients for weight loss.

See Your Progress

MyPlate is not just tracking calories - it is getting smart about your diet and nutrition. Want to know exactly how much sodium you consumed today? Cholesterol? Sugar? Calcium? MyPlate's daily nutrition charts and graphs give you everything you need to know. You get:


Daily Nutrition

In-depth analytics on your eating habits.


Daily Caloric Breakdown Fat, Protein, Carbs

Find out if you’re eating the right amount of macros


Net Calories by Day, Week, and More

Chart your progress over time and see your results

8-Week Meal Plan

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Created by nutritionist Keri Glassman, MyPlate's meal plan consists of simple easy to prepare meals that give you the low calories you need but still taste great. You'll get:

  • 4 eating options: omnivore, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free
  • Hundreds of delicious recipes
  • Weekly shopping lists
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MyPlate Calorie Counter
Know what's in your food. Make better choices.
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